In 2016, Science Gallery London set final-year illustration students from Camberwell College of Arts a creative challenge: to conceive and design a lead image for MOUTHY: INTO THE ORIFICE, a season of events, workshops, installations and performances.

Inspired by the colour, texture and shape of mouth bacteria, Sophie envisioned a new bacterial species for Science Gallery London. This was used to create an array of collaged patterns, abstracting and manipulating the colour, shape and texture of mouth bacteria by enlarging, rotating, shrinking, multiplying and playing with scale.

The unique and intriguing final image creates an illusion playing on the idea of the seen and unseen. Shapes inspired by some of the 700 resident species of oral bacteria teem and swarm, injecting a riot of colour and portraying the oral cavity as a space teeming with activity and life.

Read more on Sophie's blog post created for Science Gallery London's website. 

Sophie's Bacteria Patterns can also be seen on Science Gallery London's website to illustrate their MOUTHY: INTO THE ORIFICE season.


Selected by Science Gallery London to represent their collaboration projects, Sophie's Bacteria Patterns will be exhibited in the Making Space for wellbeing exhibition at Guy’s Hospital which will launch as part of Creativity and Wellbeing week in mid-June, and run until September 2016.

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